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I would give my life to be human

I used to hear it all so loud // The sound of my heart breaking

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90’s anime aesthetic, ace attorney, animal crossing, animals, anime, art, astrology, capcom, cardcaptor sakura, cartoon network, cartoons, chrono trigger, clamp, crayon shin chan, cuphead, daft punk, dangan ronpa, danganronpa, darkwing duck, devilman crybaby, digimon, disney, doki doki literature club, drawing, dreamworks, ducktales, earthbound, ed edd n eddy, fanfiction, fate/grand order, fate/stay night, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xv, food, foster's home for imaginary friends, free!, fullmetal alchemist, gaming, generator rex, gorillaz, gravity falls, harry potter, hey arnold!, hikaru utada, homestuck, ib, invader zim, japan, joe hisaishi, kingdom hearts, kirby, koji kondo, little witch academia, lotus juice, marvel, metal gear, miraculous ladybug, mother 1, mother 2, mother 3, mother series, muse, music, my hero academia, nature, nintendo, oban star racers, off, oofuri, paper mario, penguins of madagascar, perfume, persona, persona series, phineas and ferb, pixar, pokemon, porter robinson, powerpuff girls, professor layton, puella magi madoka magica, reading, resident evil, rise of the guardians, sanrio, shin megami tensei, shipping, shoji meguro, silent hill, singing, sonic the hedgehog, south park, square enix, star trek, steven universe, studio ghibli, studying japanese, super mario, super smash bros., the office, the simpsons, the world ends with you, translation, twewy, undertale, video games, vocaloid, voltron, wander over yonder, writing, yoko kanno, yoko shimomura, your name, yume nikki, zelda, zero escape
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